Garden Larder ®  Specialty Potato Breeding Program

Garden Larder® is a small potato breeding business in Western Victoria, Australia.  My aim is to produce new and delicious varieties of potatoes for home gardeners and market gardeners. Potatoes more suited to climate change that can withstand hotter, dryer, longer growing seasons.

Up until now there has been limited choice of potatoes for home growers to choose from and we aim to fix that by offering new varieties every year. Varieties that differ in shape, colour and flavour to suit everyone.

I don't work with modern types of potatoes so mine are usually smaller but with more variety than the moderns, including a greater range of colour, flavour, heat, disease, and frost tolerance.

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Toffee Apple

This diploid variety will be offered for sale from the 11th December 2019, and also in August for next spring planting. It is fast growing and will produce two crops in a season (even three if you don't get frosts). It has a low dormancy but will still hold from the end of the second harvest till planting at the start of September if kept in a dark, dry spot.  A good producer for a diploid.

The flesh is cream coloured and the skin is thin so it does not have to be peeled (luckily as the eyes are too deep for easy peeling). Some seasons the tubers are all red if the summer is very hot, or the soil too acid. Click here for more details on this variety

Number 13

This is a tetraploid that will produce two crops in a season, but still stay dormant over winter for at least 4-5 months with no special care. Once chitted it will grow fast and produce well. Number 13 is available now in the store. I may have some to offer in Jan, in time to plant for autumn harvest.

It has dark pink skin and pink flesh. it is one of my mothers favourite potatoes for flavour. It is a bit lumpy but otherwise a very nice and productive potato. Makes great pink mash. This spud is great for those looking for great storage ability. Click here for more details on this variety

Little Aussie

This diploid is a low producer, but you will get two crops per season so that can make up for the low tuber numbers. A small number of tubers will be available on 11th December 2019, and more in August 2020 ready for spring. Pink skin with large yellow eyes.

This is a small tubered, salad variety. Just boil whole or cut in half. The skin colour will fade when boiled but the superb, yellow/orange  flesh will hold its colour.  It has an excellent flavour and holds its shape well when boiled (Waxy), no need to peel. 

The plant is easy to grow and has some RLEM resistance which is great for early spring planting. Ready to harvest 90 days from planting (6 weeks after it starts flowering).   Click here for more information about this variety

Violet Eyes

 Another round diploid that has lovely violet tubers with white eyes, and white flesh. 

This one is not a good producer but it does produce lots of flowers over a long period of time which makes it quite ornamental.

  Click here for more information about this variety               

Our up and coming varieties

Some of these varieties are available now, and somemay be available to purchase from August, or I may decide to grow them out one more year to make sure they are good enough.

Pink marbles

Diploid with marble sized tubers - just throw in a pot and boil for 5 mins for potato salad. For more info click here


Unusual flesh colour. Good size tubers for a diploid. More info click here

Available in store

Un-named new potato variety

These should be available July/August next winter. Eye catching and great eating


A lovely looking potato that is easy to peel. Light pink flesh


Purple flesh, great roaster


Lovely smooth skin and great for salads


Primitive. Great flavour, excellent for salads


Very productive

Mashed potato ideas


Choosing the variety of potato to make mashed potatoes with can be a little tricky.  Some people like to use waxy potatoes to make creamy mash, and some like floury potatoes for fluffy mash.

You also have to keep in mind that most potatoes are waxy and have less starch when they are first dug. Many get more floury the longer they are stored.  

One tip I have to give you -  add real (room temp by preference) butter and lots of it, NEVER margarine.

Ingredients you can mix into your mash for a great dish

  •  Fried bacon pieces and chopped onion
  •  Mayonnaise
  •  A small pinch of curry or mustard powder
  • Grated cheese, cream cheese
  • Herbs, crushed garlic
  • Make with different coloured potatoes
  • Buttermilk  or sour cream instead of regular milk
  • Chopped ham
  • A little finely chopped hot chilli
  • Applesauce and a little cinnamon
  • Horseradish
  • Some cooked parsnip or swede




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